Saturday, 29 January 2011

People have been asking us what type of healing energy are we bringing into the Healing Room?
This question has been puzzling me for some time, because to us healing energy is the energy an individual body and soul requires on that day to resonate - perfect pitch for perfect health and wellbeing.
So in all probability everyone will require slightly different frequencies of energy for themselves on any particular day.
I think the question really stems from the various names people have given to their methods of bringing the healing energy through. The techniques and words they use to prepare themselves to channel the healing energy into the room or person. For example Reiki, Spiritual Healing or Reconnective healing to name but a few.
At the Healing Room we like to include healers from all different backgrounds. We ask them to leave their egos at the door and come and hold the space to channel the healing energy needed that day for those present. By being nondenominational we are being all inclusive.
So the answer to the question, what type of healing energy is used, is whatever you need today.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

The Healing Room opens again this Friday 7th January at 1.00pm at the West Blatchington Windmill. Come and join us and relax on an air bed in a room filled with healing energy and let the physical and emotional excesses of the festive period melt away. Allow yourself the time to remember and reconnect with your authentic self that is perfect in every way. We look forward to seeing you and sharing a cup of tea after the healing session.